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And Red Dwarf’s Cat is still up there as top 3 in things that people come to the site for.  Per Googly-Woogly search engine stats.

I totally get it, he’s way cool.  But that’s funny…  🙂

Go Cat!  You’re rad!

Trying to relax, apparently not allowed

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Being tired after a long 5 days of fixing errors I found in my e-books (breaks vs brakes…I hate both words now, stupid…stupid!  Imagine sound of head hitting desk and gnashing of teeth) .  I decided I needed time to not do book stuff (what a concept).

I generally have a hard time doing something that isn’t book related.  I feel guilty if the activity goes on longer than a few hours (Why am I doing this, I could be writing….or scene planning…or looking at maps, etc).

So I sat down to try and relax and play a video game I got for Christmas.  I was prepared to spend several hours sneaking into peoples homes in Skyrim.  I was looking forward to it actually, zoning out and crafting soul stealing swords brings me to a sort of zen state.  But no, PS3 decided to freeze less than a minute into the game 5 times in a row.

Okay.  No Skyrim.  Got it.

Plan 2: Tool around on the internet.  Not my favorite thing to do, but it does kill time and can be a nice distraction.



(That’s my frown and glare towards all things electronic.  Note to self: find a real life Sammy to fix all problems).

Back to editing Daystar and Wastes Away it is.  Wine will be acquired later.

Daystar…working on it

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Proofing, proofing, proofing.  Available in the next month or two is my hope.

E-book and paperback will probably come available damn close to the same time (another wild hope).

Have I mentioned how much I detest the e-book process?  🙂

Daystar is around 147,000 words, so a tad bit bigger than the previous 2 books.


Morningstar is in Paperback format now

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Reasons to buy Morningstar in paperback format:
1. You love the author.
2. You hate trees and/or love paper products.
3. The cover has stars on it, so it’s practically a work of art.
4. You need one more book to complete your Beauty and the Beast style library that you’ve been building your entire adult life.
5. You want to hit someone with a book, but you like all of the other books you already have.
6. You want to pretend to be the author’s friend (this is a good reason).
7. You need a white elephant gift for a Sunday morning church gift exchange. This book is perfect for that, I promise.

Check it out:

Morningstar E-Book – 3 day promotional deal aka it’s free!

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December 20th – December 22nd.  Go and grab a copy!

Lucifer and Ladriam Commissioned Art

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By awesome artist Largo-Ross (

Creation Scene