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Poll – of curiosity

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Really, I’m curious.  And just slightly bored this afternoon.

Daystar available on the Kindle

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Daystar Hook – Synopsis – Thing

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Here’s my totally amazing finalized Daystar synopsis I hate writing these things…

With renewed energy and bolstered powers, the Fallen prepare to square off against the invading hosts of Heaven. Unlikely alliances and new weapons will change the tide of the realm-spanning battle as Lucifer and Dahlia attempt to reclaim the powers they lost and the roles they were destined to fulfill.

Humanity will be brought to the brink of extinction. Monsters and angels will be born. Brother will fight brother. Friends will die, and vengeance will be paid in blood.

Hell will descend onto Earth as the Heavenly conflict unravels the foundation of our universe and snuffs out every star in the sky.

…But it’s totally a happy ending.

😛 And yeah, still doing Kindle review stuffs, but so far so good (no blue text ftw!)

Race-crack season is almost here!

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Confession: I’m a Formula 1 addict – going on 7 to 8 years of fandom.

The season starts March 16th in Australia.  Less than a month away!  So awesome!  Many happies!

Here’s a terribly old picture of me in front of my fav team’s car  (For the record, I love some other teams too, but McLaren is the team I started with and it’s the team that I’ll probably stick with – plus Jenson Button is awesome!  linkies:

Yep...that's me a few years ago, totally dorking out for a car

Good kitty news!

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My cat has been suffering from sinus issues for the last year that have been eating away at her skull.  She went in today for surgery to remove the mass of bleck from her face (it’s my birthday, but it’s the quickest she could be seen).

Got good news from the surgeon, whatever the nasty stuff was (still running tests) it didn’t reach her brain!

Best birthday present ever.  :3

I have shaved off so much stress I didn’t even know I had.

Now I can go have a nice drink and unwind.


Hesper the Patient Kitty

Hesper the Patient Kitty

According to WordPress it’s my birthday

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…In England.

As if I need more excuses to start celebrating early.

Yay 27!  Where’s my cake?


Created a Goodreads Q&A

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You can ask me anything as long as it is related to my books/writing/characters/etc .

I’m taking a very broad view on this, so basically it’s a Q&A for everything.

This is a test, so I shall see how it goes 🙂