Wasters – Talentless Assholes, Wastes of Space, Losers, Idiots, Cretins, etc

Rake – Age 27.  American, American Empire cadet under Danny.  Munitions officer.  Went off the deep-end when the love of his life was murdered.  Currently whoring for drug money, or playing rigged gambling tables.  Hates his real name, but I’ll say it anyways, it’s Drake.  He’s a swarthy, Cajun boy of mixed race.

Katarina – Age 30.  American, American Empire cadet under Danny.  Second-in-Command in charge of cadets.  Tall, buxom, blonde who will punch your face in.  Currently hooking, lives under Danny’s roof.  Girlfriend is Tasanee.

Tasanee (Rat) – Age 21.  Thai, Chinese Empire – wanted for misc. crimes, all of which are death sentences.   Mechanic out of the child-labor space program.  Lives under Danny’s roof.  Girlfriend is Katarina.  Loves to work on space ships.

Danny – Age 47.  American, American Empire Commander.  All AE cadets 24 years and older are on his squad.  Lost his job during the Space Silence, now is in Bangkok watching over his former cadets.  Has a bit of a temper problem…

Oro – Age 24.  Cuban, American Empire cadet under Danny.  Communications officer, currently DJ’ing, partying, making illicit films, and being prettier than everyone else.

Evgeniy (Czar)– Age 32.  Russian…oh yeah there’s a third Empire in there, but no one wants Russia.  Tall, dark, quiet.  Likes ladies and the S&M.

Mica – Age 25.  British, American Empire cadet under Danny.  Squad Chaplain and Sniper.  Lara’s younger brother, formerly Rake’s best friend.  Blonde and blue-eyed.

Lara – Murdered at age 17.   British, American Empire cadet under Danny.  Hotshot Pilot.

Sammy– Status Unknown, Redacted, back the fuck out of my file bitches or I will hack your brain!  I own the Internets!

Nina – Age 24.  American, American Empire cadet under Danny.  Pilot.  Discharged for health reasons.

Keto – Age 40’s.  South African, American Empire, equal to Danny in rank.  Squad Doctor.  Currently working in orphanages in Bangkok.

Charlie– Age 36.  Reports to Danny, handles cadets 18 years old and younger in Bombay. The coolest guy you’ll never meet.  Tall, tan, and blonde.

Other Cadets/officers – Maverick, Ursula, Bethany, Ice, Isaac.

Navigators – Albinos, Navis, Innocent Ones, Langone, Snowflakes on Acid

Ravil(aea) – Age…Hotly Contested.  Hotheaded, stubborn, Resistance bound Langone-class Navigator.  She will open a wormhole to your face if you give her lip.

Ipso – Age…None of your Business and neither is the rest of this, butt out!

Leth – Destroyer of Worlds, that sums it up.

Faist – Zzzzzzzzz  ……..tea!  Zzzzzzzzzzzz.

Rexos – Berserkers, Lemonheads

Darq– Age 5.  The doctor with a bit of a temper problem.  Disposition is sweet due to mood stabilizers…

Paulos – Age unknown.  Ravil’s third guardian.  Missing presumed dead.

Hunters – Space Cats,  Oh Dear God What the Fuck Is That?

Marx – Age Unknown.  Bounty Hunter, was paired with Stalin.  Subspecies Tracker: Pyro.   He loves sex, all the time, lots of it, more please, yes.

Lincoln – Age Unknown.  Information Collector, paired with Kennedy.  Subspecies Tracker: Feeler.  He seems to love nothing but information.

Kennedy – Age…Immature.  Information Collector, paired with Lincoln.  Individual Tracker: Rake.  He/She loves cereal, raw meat, violent bedtime stories, and Lincoln.

Ampyr – Empire OCD, Control Freaks, Loudmouths, Ninjas, Super Fast Motherfuckers

Lloyd – Age 17.

Reloy – Age 37.

Ever – A lady does not share her age.

Feelers – Touchy-Feelers, Manipulators, Feel-Goods

Calpsan– Age unknown.  Resistance Feeler in charge of watching Ravil.

Stalkers – There’s Nothing To See Here…

Seriously there isn’t.

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