I did this just for fun.  These are some of the songs that I listened to while writing/editing the Morningstar Trilogy.

In no particular order:
Eurydice – Sleepthief
The Way You Are – Ingrid Michaelson (Paimon and Furcas’ song)
The Operation – Charlotte Gainsbourg
Propane Nightmares – Pendulum
You Did a Good Thing – Sleepthief
Lust – The Raveonettes
Fallen – Delerium
Intervention – Arcade Fire
The Con – Tegan and Sara
Sympathy for the Devil – (Guns N’ Roses version)
True Affection – The Blow
Moon and Moon – Bat For Lashes
Precipice – Bear McCreary
Resurrection – Delerium
I’m So Sick – Flyleaf (Belial’s angry song)
Fully Alive – Flyleaf (Another Belial song)
Uprising – Muse
Sick Muse – Metric
If You Go Away – Emiliana Torrini
Don’t Bring Me Down – Sia

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