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Do you know what’s great about the Apocalypse?


It fucking blows.

-Anonymous, Reactor 7


Come away, come away

Let the little ones play

With the ice, and the land, and the snow

Walk away, walk away

To the cold end of day

To the shadow and darkness of all

It’s the end, it’s the end

All the trees and the wind

And no stars, or no moon, or no sky

Get your bell, get your salt

To the sea, to the vault

Sing a song as we join with the end

Drink with me, drink with me

Raise your glass and your gun

As we mourn for the day, and sing for the sun

It’s all lost, and all gone

This world that we won

In the ice, in the fog, in the fall

-Nursery rhyme, Reactor 13


Follow the rill, go out to the tide

Find the place where the strangers hide

Keep to the shadows, stay in the mist

Never accept a salt laden kiss

Take what is theirs, break all their ties

Never trust one who can speak truth and lies

Then follow the tide, run back up the rill

Come home to the fair folk, under the hill

-Folk saying, unattributed

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