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New Art in the Wastes of Space Gallery

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A picture of youngish Ravil and a Rake & Ravil pic together.

Let me know what you think!

I’m Updating my Art

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Posting stuff here (in gallery folders) and on my Deviant Art account (it looks way better over there):

Anywho, here’s a few:

I bit the bullet and got a Cintiq

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I’ve been wanting one for years and years and years.  So now a Cintiq is on its way to me.  For those that don’t know:  Loveliness.

Got it for book related reasons:

1.  I need a better art suite (tablet + program) to work on book covers.  Sai+Picasa was a headache inducing nightmare (for that type of thing, nothing against either program otherwise).

2. Now I can start creating fun things like stickers and buttons.  Which I’m sure will sell to my mom and someone random who doesnt even know what they’re buying.  But I can give them away as ‘swag’.   Maybe that’s getting ahead of myself, but I’d rather have the stuff prior to needing it, then not to have it on hand if it becomes something I need.  I guess I’m just planning ahead and hoping for the best.

3.  I’ll also be creating art for my books.  I started out as an artist (not a writer) so I’ll be getting back to my roots a bit.  And maybe I can fill up my gallery on here with stuff that isn’t ballpoint pen or Sharpie pen on computer paper.  How novel.  😀

Anyone want to see something in particular?


Some amazing Tumblr Accounts

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I lose myself in these when I get writer’s block, or if my wrists are killing me and I can’t write even when I want to.  Note some of these have NSFW stuff in them.  So you’ve been warned!  This one not only has some cool art sprinkled in, it also made me nearly choke on my drinks a few times tonight.  Sigh…sigh…such ability with facial expressions, makes me swoon.  (this one’s mostly Homestuck, so…probably won’t appeal unless you like that). this one can get very NSFW.   Mmm…nsfw.

Dahlia Commission from Loish!

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From 1st Dahlia scene in Morningstar.

Find Loish and all of her amazing artwork on:  or

Dahlia painting in the morning. Art by Loish!

Lucifer and Ladriam Commissioned Art

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By awesome artist Largo-Ross (

Creation Scene

I’ve got a new look!

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Makeover time!

New Redesigned Morningstar Cover

Art thieves are dickbags and terrible namers

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DeviantArt, Tumblr, and other art hosting websites have gotten in a well warranted tizzy after a New York pop-artist (who calls themselves that except douche-bags?) was recently accused of selling a lot of stolen digital art.  The digital prints, which he probably screen-capped like an amateur, were going for hundreds of dollars and selling on his websites:  MarkYourSpot and art4love.  Both have been taken down but you can still see the shell of one at

What adds insult to injury is that he renamed the pics something terrible.  “Away Evil Spirits”, “Battle Between White and Red Girls”, and “Battle of the Umbrellas”…they’re literally titled for what is going on in the pictures.  It’s sort of funny if he weren’t ripping off some talented artists who could really use the money themselves.

He’s written some books too, but there are whispers that those are plagiarized as well.   He has shit on Amazon and Barnes & Noble, some naive good reviews, and the top ten Google returns on his name are articles praising this guy like he gives out an orgasm aura.  Damn, if it weren’t for the internet he’d have a good thing going.

But seriously Chad…if you’re going to skip out on the work of actually making the artwork, couldn’t you have at least named them something rad and spectacular?  You have the free time after all.  Dickbag.

Blood Orange Liqueur and Dekopan (Sumo Mandarin) Liqueur

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Nothing fancy besides some pretty pictures.  A friend told me all about the large and delicious Sumos, so into a jar those went.  I swear, if you want to keep your fruit or other things for eating, don’t let me have them near jars and alcohol.

I snuck a taste of both of these, because I can’t help myself sometimes.  Already both are tasting like their source fruit, so I’m glad I did not mix and match.  There are two ingredients in Dekopan: Vodka and Dekopan.  Blood Oranges have a bit of gold rum added to the vodka, but besides that, no sugars, etc.  I don’t believe you have to have a lot of sugar to make something tasty.

So without further ado:

Sumo Mandarin sitting next to anemic strawberry

Looks like orange juice, yummy knock you on your ass orange juice.


There was something so wonderfully lovely about reaming a fruit that made it look like you were gutting a zombie.  My hands were stained purple/red for the next two days.  🙂

Mash of yums

Next…to throw in liquid.


And then…just because it’s pretty

Pretty...and tasty