Links to Things I Enjoy

Warning, these are things I enjoy…so…take that into consideration.  If something offends you that is your fault.

Cars and Racing

Formula One Racing!  (Love love love love love…did I mention I love it?)

Formula One Official Website

Tumblr funnies

It’s Twitter posts from the Marvel version of Loki.  Freaking funny.

Not really sure what this one is about…but it has attractive people from time to time, funny things, etc.

Book Blogs

I Will Dare

The Book Lady

Comics and stories!

Homestuck…odd, dry-humor, long, epic, epic, epic.  But not for everyone!  It has a nice build-up to an amazing story, but people that require quick pay-off in plot developments probably won’t take the time to get immersed in the story and characters.  It is well-worth the time and thousands and pages.  This is an on-going comic with regular updates.

This story is gripping, funny, and a good ride.  Specially for Snape fans.  Oh yeah, it’s Harry Potter from Hermione’s perspective…with plenty of changes.   I should probably find the original summary if there is one…

Paradox comics – fantasy warfare, sexual humor, demons…sounds like a rad story to me…its 18+ though for some language and sexy smex:

Charming Fantasy, funny storyline, all ages (at least so far):

Sexy Sci-Fi – Only for those over 18 (seriously, but where’s the fun in that), it has some hot boy on boy:

Knights, Fighting, Violence!  All ages I think?

Scandinavia and the World, by Humon – Funny stuff

Teahouse – High class whorehouse and the drama that ensues within.  Noms.  Warning for sexual appetites of all kinds.

Ginger detective and a zombie sidekick?…Rad

The Meek.  Amazing art, I have art lust.

8 Responses to “Links to Things I Enjoy”

  1. Food. You enjoy that too. Link to the picture of Anthony what’s his head naked with a leg of meat in front of his man business!

  2. Do it Darcy! Do it!

  3. Let me guess you’re a Fernando Alonso fan…

    • I like him, no doubt, but I’m a Button and Kovalainen fan. It’s too bad the latter has been languishing in the back the past few years. I’ll admit I like Kobayashi too, he’s always entertaining.

  4. Sounds like the beginning or a joke. An englishman and a Finn walk into a room….

    Kobayashi? Doesn’t he crash a lot. I was torn when Alonso joined Ferrari. I always liked to see him lose.

    • Yeah, Kobayashi used to crash a lot, not so much anymore. He came in third in the Japanese GP last week. 🙂

      I’m torn on Alonso too, I used to dislike him, but he’s grown on me. But that’s because I can’t hate anyone more than I hate Vettel. I’ve also never been a big Ferrari fan, I like them well enough, but I’m a McLaren girl.

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