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Want your fav character interviewed? Vote!

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Hop on over to my author page on Facebook to cast your vote.  Currently, Sammy and Paicas (Paimon+Furcas) are tied for 1st place.  Voting ends sometime tomorrow when I have a winner.

Facebook page:


I want give/do a character interview

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I’ve seen some bloggers host them with authors.  Basically it’s the blogger interviewing a character from one of the author’s books that they like.  I think it’d be totally fun.  🙂

I’m Updating my Art

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Posting stuff here (in gallery folders) and on my Deviant Art account (it looks way better over there):

Anywho, here’s a few:

Lucifer and Ladriam Commissioned Art

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By awesome artist Largo-Ross (

Creation Scene

Morningstar Characters now have a page of their own

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Character page

Angels, Fallen, and two humans.  Short and sweet and to the point.