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A page about the Morningstar Trilogy


Urban Fantasy ‘n’ stuff!

Quick Terms:

Angels.  Demons.  Fallen Angels.  Lucifer.  Archangels.  God.  War.  Romance!  Car Races!  Hot tub parties on the roof!  Baking cookies with Satan, a favorite pastime!  Divine violence of epic proportions.

Books in the Series:

Morningstar, Evenstar, and Daystar.


God is real, so is Lucifer.  The former happens to be a jealous girlfriend-stealing prick that can’t stand rejection, while Lucifer’s a lady magnet for the chick God called “Dibs” on. They have a bit of a disagreement over her fate, and that escalates to a war in Heaven, the Fall of the losers, the rest is history.

Flash forward thousands of years: said girlfriend escapes her celestial prison and reincarnates on Earth in a human body.  No one notices except for a two fallen angels that have reasons of their own for not telling their violent, insane, grief-stricken leader that his lost love is back in town as a baby.  One of those reasons is common sense.

Keeping secrets also happens to stave off boredom.

Dahlia (the baby) grows up without any memories of her past, but suffers nightmares centered on angels she can only half remember.  Besides that she’s a regular girl, she has a bland job, a house of her own, and normal friends.

And then a few things go down at a bar one night…

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****Morningstar, Evenstar, and Daystar stories and all characters are mine, copyrighted, no stealing, etc.  But feel free to love them, draw them (but I want to see the pictures!)***

7 Responses to “Morningstar”

  1. I love your pitch; it sounds like Good Omens with a small girly twist. You should send it to Angry Robot.

    • Girly Twist? That sounds like a drink name…maybe I should make a drink out of it. Girly Twist on the rocks, stirred please, slice of lemon.

      I’ll take that as a compliment, though girly isn’t something i’d generally attribute to myself. 🙂

  2. patricia billsborough-lopez Says:

    I need to find daystar i need to finish story i am so totaly hooked

  3. Darcy, I’m loving the Morningstar series. Currently halfway through Evenstar. Great world you’ve created. Great characters. Hoping for more in future.

  4. Morningstar. Wasn’t aware of the wastes books until I came here.

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