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Morningstar Chapter Synopsis Thus Far

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Since I’ve hit 10, I might as well…

1.  Lucifer tries and fails to be emo, Paimon and Furcas adopt a baby, Belial and Helion have a family reunion that ends in broken appendages, and Dahlia goes to work.

2. You meet the rest of the crew, Lucifer learns of his girlfriend’s current whereabouts, and Dahlia works some more (she’s very responsible).

3. Everyone goes to a very shitty bar and bitches about it.  Belial and Dahlia meet and have interesting times in the bathroom.  Did I mention…shots!

4. Belial’s brilliant plan plays out better than hoped for.  Lucifer attempts to lay claim to Dahlia, but Belial swoops in with the cock block.

5. Lucifer and Helion bond over soap operas.  The others engage in a little home redecoration.  Dahlia get’ s a haircut and quits her job.  Lucifer decides to break into Dahlia’s home.

6. Dahlia does not appreciate Lucifer’s break in…So they eat cookies and Lucifer attempts to offer her a job.

7. Off to the bar.  Paimon is in his element.  Lucifer kicks off kidnapping attempt 2.0.  Solomon Soldiers attack!

8.  Lucifer does not appreciate his kidnapping interrupted.  Fighting, painting and drunken brawls!  High-class handcuffs and more!

9.  Dahlia wakes up to Lucifer’s bed.  Pillow fights ensue, lots of breakfast, and wtf is this chain on my hand?

10.  Lucifer learns how to crack eggs and use oven mitts, and Helion learns that hot is bad.

Next up Chapter 11: Human parties and fallen angels – a perfect mix!

Well I’ve made it to 10 Chapters posted

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Happy dance!

Really enjoying the tracking system that they have on FictionPress.  It’s interesting to see readership by country.

On a completely separate note, I’ve started drawing up maps for my game.  So yay to that as well.   Many yays for everyone!


Story <—Morningstar link.