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Great post on self-publies like me. I do not think about the $ most of the time. It’s nice when it comes in, but I’m not relying on it and frankly I never plan to. I write to hear back from readers, to bring people into my warped little universes. Enjoy!

Steve Umstead: Paginations

I read a very interesting article this morning (OK, most of an interesting article) in regards to the recent Taleist survey of self-published authors. I was one of the 1,007 respondents and received my comp copy of the survey results yesterday, but haven’t had a chance to read through it yet. However, the Guardian has, and posted this article, with the somewhat-negative headline of:

Stop the press: half of self-published authors earn less than $500

The article starts off as a bit of a wet blanket, though not the sky-is-falling doomsaying one might expect from that headline, so I’m here in defense of the poor, downtrodden self-published heathen.

Disclaimer: I have been very fortunate over the past year and am on the other side of that half, so take what I say with a grain of salt.

Three things I take out of this article – one…

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Sold 5ooth Kindle book for profit today.  🙂  Yeah, it’s up in the few 1000s if you include free promo copies and lending copies, but I’m not.  🙂  So…woooo!  That’s a milestone or something.  I guess the next milestone is 1000 copies sold for profit.  Maybe I’ll get there in another 6 months.

I’ve been doing this for ~8 months, but sales didn’t really pick up (at all) until December.  So a nice 6 month run so far.

Maybe when I get to 1000 I’ll do some kind of promo giveaway/swag thing.


I’m Updating my Art

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Posting stuff here (in gallery folders) and on my Deviant Art account (it looks way better over there):

Anywho, here’s a few:

Enter to win a paperback copy of Wastes of Space

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It’ll be signed too!

Giveaway is over on Goodreads, it’s lasting the month of May: