Trying to relax, apparently not allowed

Being tired after a long 5 days of fixing errors I found in my e-books (breaks vs brakes…I hate both words now, stupid…stupid!  Imagine sound of head hitting desk and gnashing of teeth) .  I decided I needed time to not do book stuff (what a concept).

I generally have a hard time doing something that isn’t book related.  I feel guilty if the activity goes on longer than a few hours (Why am I doing this, I could be writing….or scene planning…or looking at maps, etc).

So I sat down to try and relax and play a video game I got for Christmas.  I was prepared to spend several hours sneaking into peoples homes in Skyrim.  I was looking forward to it actually, zoning out and crafting soul stealing swords brings me to a sort of zen state.  But no, PS3 decided to freeze less than a minute into the game 5 times in a row.

Okay.  No Skyrim.  Got it.

Plan 2: Tool around on the internet.  Not my favorite thing to do, but it does kill time and can be a nice distraction.



(That’s my frown and glare towards all things electronic.  Note to self: find a real life Sammy to fix all problems).

Back to editing Daystar and Wastes Away it is.  Wine will be acquired later.

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