Fallen – They only tolerate the name since technically they did plummet at some point

Lucifer – Primangel and at one time the right hand of God.  Since the fall he’s either comatose and grief-stricken or utterly fucking insane and wrecking shit on a global scale.

Dahlia – Not fallen, not human, not really anything that makes sense, but everyone seems to think she’s something.  Things she knows for sure: she’s an artist, she likes baking cookies, she has an awesome uncle Pai, and two good friends Faith and Patience.

Paimon – Anything that’ll get you high he’s either made or tried.  He’s a drunk, a spiteful bastard, an explosion-loving, unkempt piece of work.  He’s a bartender, a gardener, and a chef.  He also likes masquerading as a girl.  And it’s pronounced PAY-mon folks…like you will pay him on Monday, or he will hit you in the side of the head with an Aston Martin.

Furcas – Refined, sexy, classy, snobbish, OCD, clean, kempt, not a bastard (like Paimon).  He has a serious fetish about cars, prefers an Aston, but if it is fast and sleek, he likes it.  He adores children, and is violent rarely.

Belial – Extremely violent all the time with everyone everywhere forever.  Touch her and she’ll more than likely rip something of yours off.  Human killing is a hobby, a sport, her daily morning ritual.

Andrealphus (Andy) – Easy going, casual dresser.  He really likes birds and the stock market, a bit of an outdoorsy type, he looks like one of the youngest, but he is one of the oldest of the fallen.

Berith – Big game hunter.  Berith is a quiet mountain of a man, he enjoys killing Hydras, dragons, etc.  He will fight against humans, but tends to ignore them unless they are directly between him and a goal.

Appleadris (Apple) – Lilliam Princess (a fairy princess essentially).  She has 20+ brothers and no living sisters, this princess loves to go hunting with her boyfriend/not boyfriend Berith.

Helion – The most recently fallen (sort of).  He fell to earth with news of Ladriam.  Promptly ran afoul of his sister (Belial) and suffered a broken wing for it.  He hates violence, loves food, and enjoys a good Disney cartoon.

Humans- Yeah there are a few

Whitney – One of Dahlia’s normal friends, she’s a pothead artist sort.

Celeste – Take no shit kind of woman.  Makes snap judgments that are hard to change.

Archangels – The Heavenly Host

Archangel Michael – The Messenger of God.  The only Archangel that God speaks to.  He carries the Spear (the only weapon that can cause a wound that cannot be healed).  He’s a bit of a dick.

Archangel Uriel – the Archangel of Judgment.  Anger.  Management.  Issues.    Younger brother of Berith.

Archangel Gabriel – the Scientist.  Younger brother of Paimon, he is completely devoid of emotion other than curiosity.

Archangel Raphael – The Healer.  He is the youngest of the Archangels, including the Fallen.  He is quiet and non-violent

Archangel Jegudiel – Archangel of Poetry, love – non-warlike mushy stuff…this tends to earn him the ire of Michael, Barachiel and especially Uriel.

Archangel Selaphiel – Archangel of Prayer and Fate.  Pragmatic, non-violent…prefers to take a wait and see approach to things.

Archangel Barachiel – The Admin of the Heavenly Host.  Most angels fall under his command, except the military which report to Uriel.  He suffers persistent migraines.

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