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It is so close to liqueur season!

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By that I mean fruit…fruit is coming into season and soon I can shove bits of it into bottles with vodka, rum, gin, everclear…and make something delicious.  But I have two problems:

1. Space.  I have yet to finish off my old bottles.  (ha-ha – easy problem to solve!  Get drunk every night!)  Yeah, no, I don’t like hangovers.  I prefer a cocktail, or sipping drink after my evening meal, not a fancy sloshfest.  So, I suppose I need to start bringing my libations to places.

2. Bottles.  This is directly related to the above.  Though I suppose I could buy more bottles, but that only seems like compounding the above problem.  And I don’t live alone.  Other people like their space not cluttered with booze…selfish bastards.

Looks like I’ll be needing to bartend some parties and offload the deliciousness.  I still have plum liqueur and huckleberry liqueur.   Maybe I’ll throw it all in one big punchbowl and serve it as a happy punch at some “unsuspecting” (as-if) person’s party.  Yes, it’d get you fucked up, but damn it would taste good first.


Strawberry Cordial

Posted in Book News, Cocktails with tags , , , on March 17, 2011 by darcytown

Saw some wonderful looking and smelling strawberries at the store today while I did some regular shopping…

I’d love to use some wild ones, but these will do this time around I think.

Started on Strawberry Cordial from Folk Wines, Cordials, and Brandies with a  few twists on the ingredients.  Give it a few months and it should be good to go.

The yummies:




Then slice and dice!  Into bottle they go!


Bottle of Goodness