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Coffee Liqueur yummy-ness

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Found this on Punk Domestics (which I just found and totally dig). I love liqueur recipes. I want them all! I have to try this one out, because I still have yet to make a coffee liqueur that I really like.


The first time I had cold brewed coffee I was in love. It was from a coffee roaster that treats their beans well and the flavors melded in such a way that it really blew my mind. When I tasted the natural flavors of the coffee without any bitterness getting in the way, the first thing that came to my mind was using this method to make coffee liqueur. I took the way I had started making cold brew coffee, substituted the water for vodka, added simple syrup and was done.

This is probably my easiest recipe, few ingredients and very little hands on time. I do not know if this recipe is unique, but as of yet I have not seen anyone else using this method. I have had this straight in a cordial glass, over ice, or just mixed with milk to make an excellent white Russian.

This same method…

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It is so close to liqueur season!

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By that I mean fruit…fruit is coming into season and soon I can shove bits of it into bottles with vodka, rum, gin, everclear…and make something delicious.  But I have two problems:

1. Space.  I have yet to finish off my old bottles.  (ha-ha – easy problem to solve!  Get drunk every night!)  Yeah, no, I don’t like hangovers.  I prefer a cocktail, or sipping drink after my evening meal, not a fancy sloshfest.  So, I suppose I need to start bringing my libations to places.

2. Bottles.  This is directly related to the above.  Though I suppose I could buy more bottles, but that only seems like compounding the above problem.  And I don’t live alone.  Other people like their space not cluttered with booze…selfish bastards.

Looks like I’ll be needing to bartend some parties and offload the deliciousness.  I still have plum liqueur and huckleberry liqueur.   Maybe I’ll throw it all in one big punchbowl and serve it as a happy punch at some “unsuspecting” (as-if) person’s party.  Yes, it’d get you fucked up, but damn it would taste good first.


I was suspicious of plums…

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For liqueur.   They’ve never been a fruit I particularly liked the taste or look of.  However, when faced with an abundant source (a tree) of ripe plums, well, that part of me that likes to see fruit suspended in jars took over.    Good thing it did.  Not only does it taste good, it’s a lovely color.  It’s darkened to more of a magenta now, I’ll have to get some more pictures of that since it’s rather orange-ish in these pictures.

I’ve included one or two shots of the huckleberries that I picked and mixed this year as well.  My yard is blessed with an abundance of huckleberry bushes and I spent several weeks this summer picking the tiny things.

Blood Orange Liqueur and Dekopan (Sumo Mandarin) Liqueur

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Nothing fancy besides some pretty pictures.  A friend told me all about the large and delicious Sumos, so into a jar those went.  I swear, if you want to keep your fruit or other things for eating, don’t let me have them near jars and alcohol.

I snuck a taste of both of these, because I can’t help myself sometimes.  Already both are tasting like their source fruit, so I’m glad I did not mix and match.  There are two ingredients in Dekopan: Vodka and Dekopan.  Blood Oranges have a bit of gold rum added to the vodka, but besides that, no sugars, etc.  I don’t believe you have to have a lot of sugar to make something tasty.

So without further ado:

Sumo Mandarin sitting next to anemic strawberry

Looks like orange juice, yummy knock you on your ass orange juice.


There was something so wonderfully lovely about reaming a fruit that made it look like you were gutting a zombie.  My hands were stained purple/red for the next two days.  🙂

Mash of yums

Next…to throw in liquid.


And then…just because it’s pretty

Pretty...and tasty

I hath found a nirvana of herbs

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Herban Wellness in Kirkland, Wa.  You have everything I want to throw in liquor or macarons.  I have rose hips, blueberry powder, rose petals…had to restrain myself from buying elderberries, dandelion, and violet powder.  So nice…

Many happies.

On another note, rewatched Romancing the Stone.  80’s soundtrack you never fail to tell me when I should be happy, sad, romantic, or excited for intense action!

Black Velvet…St. Patrick’s Day Cocktail

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Like Guinness?

Like Champagne?

Like Hard Cider?

Here’s the drink for you.

Looks like Guinness...but it's not straight Guinness.

Black Velvet is equal parts Champagne (Brut, Sparkling Wine, Prosecco, etc) and Guinness.

I started mine off with Champagne first (did one with the beer first but that foam got out of hand).

Halfway there

Then add the Guinness (Watch out for the foam, this thing can get crazy if poured funky).  Drink ends up tasting like hard cider.  Seriously.    They love each other…best friends!

Made these last night to go along with a delicious corned beef dinner.  Insta-favorite.  Good luck ordering them at most bars though.  They’ll probably look at you a little funny.

Strawberry Cordial

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Saw some wonderful looking and smelling strawberries at the store today while I did some regular shopping…

I’d love to use some wild ones, but these will do this time around I think.

Started on Strawberry Cordial from Folk Wines, Cordials, and Brandies with a  few twists on the ingredients.  Give it a few months and it should be good to go.

The yummies:




Then slice and dice!  Into bottle they go!


Bottle of Goodness