Geek Girl Con

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I went to the con on Saturday August 11th in downtown Seattle.  It was a lot of fun! I went to two panels: One was about playing games with geek kids, and the other was about the rampant misogyny/sexism thrown at female gamers/bloggers/etc online.  Both were very interesting 🙂  And now I want to play Guild Wars 2 when it comes out…

Play tested “Sidekick Quests” which is  a tabletop rpg for gradeschoolers.  Was pretty fun 🙂  I was a squire with a club.  I bludgeoned monster flowers to death.

I also played SPANC (Space pirate amazon ninja cat-girls)…which was a lot of fun, but it wasn’t available to buy there which was a shame because it was hilarious.

I imagine I’ll go next year as well…maybe with a booth of my own for my books.  🙂


Melissa Harris-Perry: A Model CIS Ally for the Trans Community

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Melissa Harris-Perry: A Model CIS Ally for the Trans Community.

Great video.

Considering posting the lovely weird messages I get…

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That are clearly spam, but they are hilariously written.  Like seriously, do you honestly think that I would ever click your link?  Or that my “bundle of information” is clearly something that “needs to be shared with the world so please respond to my strange email that is mostly made out of numbers”…are you kidding?  Really?

I wonder how much time they devote to crafting these messages + how much they get paid.  If they get paid by click-backs then they need to seriously up their game.  Or maybe they’re made from computer programs that surf the web and string together sentences that they’ve found to statistically go together.

Every so often there’s a clever one in the bunch though…so I guess they’re learning?

Either way, I get a laugh every time I skim through my spam.

New Art in the Wastes of Space Gallery

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A picture of youngish Ravil and a Rake & Ravil pic together.

Let me know what you think!

Check out my guest blog on The Character Depot

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I blog about music and writing!  🙂

Author Interview over on A Reader’s Addiction

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I answer questions about the Wastes series and characters, my influences, and plans for the future. 🙂

Check it out!  Comment!  Share!

Check out Sammy’s interview for VP!

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Note: Contains spoilers for anyone who hasn’t read Wastes of Space.