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Morningstar is on Wickedly Bookish’s Teaser Tuesday Spot!

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Check it out, leave a comment, etc!


now…back to writing the topless Russian and Cajun boys in space.

Oh I think I forgot…putting books on the Nook for you Nook readers.

Okay now I’m really done.



I’m Updating my Art

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Posting stuff here (in gallery folders) and on my Deviant Art account (it looks way better over there):

Anywho, here’s a few:

Paimon & Furcas – Being Teases

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Surprise Surprise that these two would get spotlighted in a Teaser Tuesday promo.   😉

They stand in the Teaser Tuesday spotlight over this-a-way (follow linky). Those two and their sexy hijinks…universal fan favs. 🙂

Paranormal Itch Reviews: Teaser Tuesday

Thanks to the folks over at Paranormal Itch.  Glad you liked the books!


Morningstar – Promotion Free Copy of Morningstar on Kindle

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March 3rd and 4th only – Nab one or tell your friends!

Daystar available on the Kindle

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So they’re old demons…

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And they have to act what…old? evil? or speak in heavy prose?

I got a review questioning my demons acting as they do, due to their age.  This isn’t the first time I’ve heard this (though the other one was for ancient gods in a different series).

Why do people assume that ancient entities have to act like serious Machiavellian douche-bags that take everything seriously.  Do you hit a certain age, say century 5, and suddenly you’re a fucktard stodgy bastard?  Or you’re depressed because…why?  Or you don’t want to party anymore because…what liquor stopped working, sex drive suddenly vanished, you can no longer enjoy getting high or driving a fast car?

I hope to be seriously having a good time when I’m old.   Why can’t my demons?  Must they all go through crippling mid-life turmoil and bemoan their meaningless existences.  Newsflash, they enjoy their meaningless existences very much.  😉

This critique baffles me.

Also…language.  Language evolves and people change the way they talk (especially nowadays).  You don’t hear your grandparents speaking like they did when they were 15 because they’ve changed with the times.  So yeah, my demons, ancient gods, immortal fairies, etc are going to be up with the current lingo unless they’ve been frozen or put in a box for centuries.  Exception being Lucifer but he’s got his reasons for talking like a robot.

I know this probably won’t be the last time I see…”I don’t understand why they’re acting this way, they’re centuries old…”

But a girl can hope  🙂

Rant off.


Finished my Daystar Cover

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waiting on next proof copy to show up in the mail…

Bright and glowy, I think it’s the best cover of the three (but I’m a fan of contrast and bright colors!)