Geek Girl Con

I went to the con on Saturday August 11th in downtown Seattle.  It was a lot of fun! I went to two panels: One was about playing games with geek kids, and the other was about the rampant misogyny/sexism thrown at female gamers/bloggers/etc online.  Both were very interesting 🙂  And now I want to play Guild Wars 2 when it comes out…

Play tested “Sidekick Quests” which is  a tabletop rpg for gradeschoolers.  Was pretty fun 🙂  I was a squire with a club.  I bludgeoned monster flowers to death.

I also played SPANC (Space pirate amazon ninja cat-girls)…which was a lot of fun, but it wasn’t available to buy there which was a shame because it was hilarious.

I imagine I’ll go next year as well…maybe with a booth of my own for my books.  🙂

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