Post Apocalypse Fun

K, Reactor 8 fun task if anyone is interested…I have some funny sounding names in this post-apocalypse book. Like Oregon Atari Argyle, June Bicycle Peppers, Vodka Clock Circus, and Brazil Cork Champagne.

Naming convention is as follows…

First Name: Something your parents miss.  (Oregon is a place her parents miss)
Middle Name: Something you salvaged…no matter how lame it is.
Last Name: is one of your parents’ first names.   (So Oregon’s last name, Argyle, is her father’s first name).

I need names for people in this book, side characters and such since I have to populate my damn reactors with folks. Come up with a good name? I’ll include it. 🙂 Come up with ten good names, I’ll try and incorporate all ten one way or another.


2 Responses to “Post Apocalypse Fun”

  1. Cappuccino skateboard Oahu

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