I want give/do a character interview

I’ve seen some bloggers host them with authors.  Basically it’s the blogger interviewing a character from one of the author’s books that they like.  I think it’d be totally fun.  🙂

4 Responses to “I want give/do a character interview”

  1. theholycow Says:

    Kennedy would probably be pretty funny.

    • lol.
      Interviewer: What do you like Kennedy?
      Kennedy: I like cereal! All kinds! I like sugary kinds and rainbow kinds and small kinds and big kinds and-
      Interviewer: Okay, next question.
      Kennedy: I like fruity kinds and chocolate kinds and kinds that are round and kinds that are not round! I like them in milks and I like them in drys and I eat them in handfuls or mashed up to dust! I like-

  2. I would love to host a character interview! Maybe we can trade blog spots? I’m changing my blog format in July, and this would be perfect. DM me on twitt if interested.

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