Wastes Away Teaser Scene

I realize I’m being slow as fuck with this book…but anywho…snippets for you!

I’m on the e-book proofing, which means now I’m looking for wonky text, spacing problems and the ever so dreaded blue font (if you ever see blue font in my books please tell me.  For some reason my converter makes my text blue ever so often and I have no idea why).  I think the why is because it hates me, but I could be wrong.

Okay…on to the scene!  It’s a Marx and Tasanee scene.  Not that Rake and Ravil don’t have some choice scenes, but they also have some spoilers in their scenes.  So…yeah  :).  Onwards!


Tasanee grinned at his expression.  “Ooh, let’s add that to the list of ways I am better than you.  I don’t get beaten by tasers.”  She grabbed her tools.

Marx followed along with a frown on his face.  “I was not beaten by a taser.”

“It so had you down and out, buddy.  You were all curled on the sidewalk like ‘Oh, help me I’m stunned!’”  Tasanee rolled to her back and twitched, mimicking him being electrocuted.

He hissed.  “I said and did no such thing!”

Tasanee laughed and sat up.  “You were thinking it.”

Marx snapped his teeth.  “You do not know what I thought!”

“Defensive.  I guess I’ve hit a nerve.”  Tasanee grabbed on to a handhold and climbed up another level.  “The truth always hurts, Marx.”

Marx made a face and jumped up behind her.  “It is not the truth.”

“So you say.”

“It’s not.”  He growled.

“Pouter.”  She smirked.

“I am not pouting.  Hunters do not pout.”

Tasanee looked back.  “What does Kennedy do then?”

Marx chewed on his lower lip.  “It’s not the same.”

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