I bit the bullet and got a Cintiq

I’ve been wanting one for years and years and years.  So now a Cintiq is on its way to me.  For those that don’t know:  Loveliness.

Got it for book related reasons:

1.  I need a better art suite (tablet + program) to work on book covers.  Sai+Picasa was a headache inducing nightmare (for that type of thing, nothing against either program otherwise).

2. Now I can start creating fun things like stickers and buttons.  Which I’m sure will sell to my mom and someone random who doesnt even know what they’re buying.  But I can give them away as ‘swag’.   Maybe that’s getting ahead of myself, but I’d rather have the stuff prior to needing it, then not to have it on hand if it becomes something I need.  I guess I’m just planning ahead and hoping for the best.

3.  I’ll also be creating art for my books.  I started out as an artist (not a writer) so I’ll be getting back to my roots a bit.  And maybe I can fill up my gallery on here with stuff that isn’t ballpoint pen or Sharpie pen on computer paper.  How novel.  😀

Anyone want to see something in particular?


4 Responses to “I bit the bullet and got a Cintiq”

  1. Madeline Says:

    Uh, YEAH! It begins with Pai and ends in Cas! But then again, a fam pic would be uh-mazing! (All the Archangels, counting the new ones in Daystar) A cute Paimon-Bean-Furcas fam pic, another one plus Yoshi, a Gaea+Gabe, an Andy-Belial-Helion one, a Berith+ Apple one, and assortment of Rake and Mica shots and of course Rat+Marx. I can go on all day. I can give you ideas for scenes too. 😀

    • Fortunately for you they (Pai and Cas) are my favorite to scribble over (Marx and Tasanee are a close second).

      I do work better when I’m working towards something specific. My art projects may go off the rails, but a starting place is great. It’s been so long since I’ve done anything on the computer, I really have no idea what it’s even going to look like. :S

      lol Paimon will just be a red-headed blob. Next to a pink blob (Bean).

      • And btw, your drawings of the Hunters are ON POINT!!! Kennedy’s is really endearing, love him! Yay for adorable violent killers!

  2. Hey, I’ll take whatever I can get!

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