Grimm…Must Be Alone

My mother, father, and I watch the show Grimm.  We enjoy the show (Monroe is an awesome character).

What we cannot fathom is why anyone likes Sgt Wu.  Seriously…he’s not funny, he sticks out like a sore thumb anytime he is in a scene, and why for the love of God is he getting scenes/camera shots to himself?  He’s not a main character, he’s a side character and he’s poor at acting as even that.  His one liners are shitty (that’s the writer, but still it’s his delivery).  He has no charisma. I do not believe for a second that he’s a cop, I see him and I see an actor acting as a cop.

Biggest peeve – he has scenes where he’s explaining or showing the detectives how to do things?  As if they don’t know how to find a license plate on a car? WTF?  That doesn’t make any sense.  Writers…what are you doing?  Has the guy slept with someone, blackmailed someone, sold his soul to the devil?

Get him out of all of the scenes, put him back where he started out as, a character that showed up 1 or 2 times to drop off results or a test.

Also…he cannot be the first responder at every crime scene in Portland day and night.  If he is then he’s a clone or has robots of himself wandering around the city.  That by the way…that would be interesting and would make his character way better.  Right now he’s a godawful annoyance and he gets noticed in every scene he’s in…in a bad way.

Best two shows of the season were the ones he wasn’t in.  Okay, rant done.


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