Who hasn’t been there?

I love Homestuck, I’ll admit it, a total fangirl.  So that’s a level set for this entry.

I think the single scene that I could relate to the most was this:

(Image preface, her character just seriously choked on a instant message convo with a boy she likes.  Basically securing herself in the ‘friend’ box, not the ‘girlfriend’ box)  (also, yes that weird looking thing is supposed to be a laptop):

Who hasn’t choked and botched a convo with a m / f / ? crush in text these days.  Poor Jane.  I didn’t really like her character before this, but this scene got me.  I wuv her now.

If anyone wants a 6000+ page long addiction, check out Homestuck: http://www.mspaintadventures.com/

But if you do, read the pesterlogs for the love of God!  Don’t skip anything or an already confusing story will get beyond comprehension.  That being said, I love Homestuck in the worst kind of way.  ❤


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