It is so close to liqueur season!

By that I mean fruit…fruit is coming into season and soon I can shove bits of it into bottles with vodka, rum, gin, everclear…and make something delicious.  But I have two problems:

1. Space.  I have yet to finish off my old bottles.  (ha-ha – easy problem to solve!  Get drunk every night!)  Yeah, no, I don’t like hangovers.  I prefer a cocktail, or sipping drink after my evening meal, not a fancy sloshfest.  So, I suppose I need to start bringing my libations to places.

2. Bottles.  This is directly related to the above.  Though I suppose I could buy more bottles, but that only seems like compounding the above problem.  And I don’t live alone.  Other people like their space not cluttered with booze…selfish bastards.

Looks like I’ll be needing to bartend some parties and offload the deliciousness.  I still have plum liqueur and huckleberry liqueur.   Maybe I’ll throw it all in one big punchbowl and serve it as a happy punch at some “unsuspecting” (as-if) person’s party.  Yes, it’d get you fucked up, but damn it would taste good first.


6 Responses to “It is so close to liqueur season!”

  1. It is never too early to start making liqueur! Sounds like you are already an expert, but if you need any new ideas for flavors, check out my blog:

  2. Madeline Says:

    Uh, two things. 1. Where do I sign up to be bartended by you? 2. Are Furcas and Paimon attending? Ok, forcing it on point 2. I am tipsy at the moment. Trying to numb my misery over the end of Morningstar as I weep and reread and work on my fic simultaneously while intoxicated.

    • I suppose Paimon would approve of the being tipsy part.

      I bartend wherever I’m invited, as long as the bar that I’m working at is not falling to pieces (or just a table). There’s nothing worse than fighting off drunks when you don’t have a counter to stand behind.

      I’ve long considered calling my homemade concoctions “P&F Fine Liqueurs and Spirits” (cause I find that amusing). So I suppose Paimon and Furcas would be there in spirit. Oh God…no pun intended.

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