Demons are forever tainted

…By my own way of thinking.

I am still in love with all things fallen angels and demons, but I can’t help but smile when I see serious, dark, tormented versions of Paimon, Furcas, Belial, Andrealphus, Berith, or Lucifer.   I’ve actually started laughing out loud at a few that were so over the top.   They’re just so wrong and backwards in my head.  Lucifer doesn’t care about your soul folks, he just doesn’t.  I would however pay to be able to actually summon demons cause I would totally summon Paimon and Furcas and go out drinking with them.  It would be fab.

Works for the angels too…when my sister and I went to a church-y function we also both had the same “asshole” reaction when we heard a piece of the Bible about Michael.  Seriously, he’s a butthead.

I have the feeling that most author-types/artists, etc feel the same way when they happen to put their spin on a literary/biblical/real-life character.

Maybe we’re all just sort of mad (and by mad I mean off and skewed as fuck, not angry).

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