Daystar Scene 1

It’s not a very long scene, but I figured I’d throw something out there between now and it being published.   You can read it as a PDF: Daystar Scene One and it’ll be pretty.  Or read it below (without italics or indents and such)

Before Common Era

Night had fallen and clouds covered the sky. Cold and murky water rushed across farmlands and forests. Cities disappeared without warning. Animals drowned. Human bodies floated to the surface of the forming sea. Clouds broke into a tempest of thunder and lightning. Rain battered the land that was yet untouched by the raging flood.
The waters rose.
The fallen angels Andrealphus and Belial flew over the growing sea, their flight aided by Lilliam sylphs. They met with Berith. He hung over the turbulent water; his massive body strained the sylphs that held him up. They watched the ocean together and observed what rode the waves.
Paimon leaned over the side of a tiny boat and adjusted the small sail. He skimmed over the waves, bouncing with the rise and fall of the sea. He grinned, drunk. A bolt of green lightning illuminated the sky. The black water reflected the trio of Fallen. Paimon looked up. He shot them a wild-eyed smile and waved. “Greetings! Why are you here?”
Andrealphus folded his arms across his lanky frame. “What is the point of this?”
“It’s obvious!” Furcas dropped from the clouds, wreathed in electricity and wind. He twisted in the air, lithe and flexible. He flashed a boyish grin at the three, flipped, and landed in Paimon’s boat. “It was this or another of our cities.”
Paimon whooped and pointed. “There he is!”
A glowing form burned beneath the surface of the water. Paimon raced to the front of the boat as he tracked the swimmer. “This will keep him occupied for awhile. A long while at the rate the water is rising, so many things to search!”
Belial bared her razor sharp teeth. “It is your turn to watch him, and you decide to allow him to flood a continent!”
Paimon and Furcas looked at each other like children who had been caught doing something naughty. Furcas shot wind into their sail and the craft raced away from the others.
Paimon lit a pipe and blew smoke back at the trio. His voice carried over the wind, “You’re no fun!”
Berith’s low voice rumbled like thunder, “The Lilliam were warned at least. None were caught in this. It only hurts the humans.”
Andrealphus gazed into the water. “Who is going down there to get him?”
“Why do you have to get him?” Furcas flew over and rolled as electricity spread out from his body. “He enjoys doing what he’s doing.”
Belial pointed a bladed finger at Lucifer as he swam through flooded towns. “He is insane! She is not in the water; she is not in the air. She is not the ground. She is not in the deserts, or the cities, or the sacrificial idols! She is not here, not on this planet!” The force of her voice parted the waves.
Lucifer fell to the soggy ground. He was brilliantly bright and covered in blue flames. He looked from side to side, confused. Fish flopped around him. He shook out his dark brown hair and blinked water out of his eyes. He spoke to himself, “Ladriam loves the water. She will be here. She always loved to swim.”
Belial went white and shrieked, “Ladriam is still imprisoned, you fool!”
The Fallen bent against the sound.
Lucifer’s mouth twitched. He closed his eyes. “No Ladriam loves the water. She will be here! She is just hiding, playing a game. That is all.” He nodded and called to the sea, “Ladriam!” He dove into the wall of water and swam deeper.
Belial pulled at her blonde hair as the water reformed over his head. “I am sick of his insanity. He needs to focus on his restoration not this useless search!”
Berith sighed. “He will return to himself in time. He always does.”
Andrealphus turned to follow Lucifer’s progress. “And then he will try and kill himself again.”
Paimon rowed over. “So what? He cannot succeed.”
Berith glared. “The collateral damage he wreaks upon his children is enough of a reason to stay his hand.” He sighed and looked to Belial and Andrealphus. “But they are right; a part of him enjoys the search. Let him swim, it is the only hope he expresses and some hope is better than no hope.”
The five of them stared into the dark waters; the land beneath the waves illuminated only by the ever-burning body of Lucifer Morningstar as he searched for his love among the dead and drowned.


—-A nice ‘happy’ tone to start the book off with—-

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