I was suspicious of plums…

For liqueur.   They’ve never been a fruit I particularly liked the taste or look of.  However, when faced with an abundant source (a tree) of ripe plums, well, that part of me that likes to see fruit suspended in jars took over.    Good thing it did.  Not only does it taste good, it’s a lovely color.  It’s darkened to more of a magenta now, I’ll have to get some more pictures of that since it’s rather orange-ish in these pictures.

I’ve included one or two shots of the huckleberries that I picked and mixed this year as well.  My yard is blessed with an abundance of huckleberry bushes and I spent several weeks this summer picking the tiny things.

One Response to “I was suspicious of plums…”

  1. Fantastic – will have to give this a go next summer when my plums are ready!

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