Art thieves are dickbags and terrible namers

DeviantArt, Tumblr, and other art hosting websites have gotten in a well warranted tizzy after a New York pop-artist (who calls themselves that except douche-bags?) was recently accused of selling a lot of stolen digital art.  The digital prints, which he probably screen-capped like an amateur, were going for hundreds of dollars and selling on his websites:  MarkYourSpot and art4love.  Both have been taken down but you can still see the shell of one at

What adds insult to injury is that he renamed the pics something terrible.  “Away Evil Spirits”, “Battle Between White and Red Girls”, and “Battle of the Umbrellas”…they’re literally titled for what is going on in the pictures.  It’s sort of funny if he weren’t ripping off some talented artists who could really use the money themselves.

He’s written some books too, but there are whispers that those are plagiarized as well.   He has shit on Amazon and Barnes & Noble, some naive good reviews, and the top ten Google returns on his name are articles praising this guy like he gives out an orgasm aura.  Damn, if it weren’t for the internet he’d have a good thing going.

But seriously Chad…if you’re going to skip out on the work of actually making the artwork, couldn’t you have at least named them something rad and spectacular?  You have the free time after all.  Dickbag.

3 Responses to “Art thieves are dickbags and terrible namers”

  1. Stop pulling your punches and tell him what you really think!

  2. The artists he stole from should assault him with paint brushes, or some other art tools…

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