It’s been awhile, and soon I’ll be off to Paris

Yes, I’ve ignored you blog, but not on purpose.  My wrists are killing me (tendonsis) and my writing in general has taken a nose dive in word count.  Finally seeing some progress with this Astym treatment but it makes me look like I’ve been a punching bag for tiny fisted individuals, angry children perhaps.

Hoping that the 2 week break in Paris will be just what my wrists need so that they can heal up properly.  Then I can get back in the business of abusing them like they’re meant to be abused.


5 Responses to “It’s been awhile, and soon I’ll be off to Paris”

  1. Fantastic! Let’s hang out. Or, if you need places to go and eat and see, send me a message and I’ll tip you.

    And you will be coming in Full Cherry Season!

  2. It’ll be my first time there, staying in the Marais district for a family trip. Excited, nervous, etc. Mostly looking forward to the food and finding fun little shops to rummage around in.

    That and I want to go to the catacombs, my sister said she’d come with me. 😀

    I would love recommendations on pretty much anything. Besides a few planned things I’m going without an agenda. We’ll be there for ~two weeks, through the solstice to end of June.

  3. Hey,

    I would suggest that you start by checking this blog (and not just because I guest write for them sometimes) And a Lonely Planet Guide should cover the basics.

    Then, for an off-the-track experience…

    Then, you should absolutely check out the 10eme arrondisement, around Gare de Lyon, for the cool Japanese and Korean ambience, the forest of Fontainebleau (which is an hour away from the centre, but so worth it at this time of the year), the Bois de Vincennes (same as before, but only 20 minutes away). This is really good if you are coming in the summer solstice, as in Europe is a big deal and many towns / arrondisements have special celebrations with bonfires and fireworks.

    Check the Pére Lachaise cemetery, specially the Oscar Wilde tomb, and the Les Portes restaurant for a yummy, duck-based, typically Parisian and not super-expensive dinner.

    For a futuristic landscape, head to La Défense. They have a space-opera replica of the Arc du Triomphe that will give you a breathtaking view of Paris -without the queus. You can also duck into one of the cafeterias nestled in the skyscrapers to have gourmet lunch at a fraction of the prize that it would cost you in the center.

    For teatime, there are many places to go -I recommend the La Durée that is next to Faubourg Saint Honoré, because it is decorated like an Indochine colonial tea salon. Really pretty! Or, you can go to any of the Paul’s around and have pastries on the go. The caramel beignet is particularly delicious. For different macarons, try La Maison du Chocolat (all of them are filled with the most exquisite chocolate ever) and Pierre Hermés, who does wacky flavour mixes that you would definitely appreciate (based on your drinks posts).

    There will be a Mayan exhibit in Musée Quay Branly (which is free and awesome) and a Gigantic Sculptures exhibition in Le Grand Palace (which is not free, but it is still awesome).

    Oh, and Shakespeare and Co., but I bet that one was already on your list. 🙂

    • Wow thanks!

      I love getting tea…didn’t even think about doing that in Paris. Sigh…too many things in my head I swear. I’m working right up until the day before I go, so I haven’t had a chance to just sit down and think about all this stuff. I am looking forward to Solstice. All we do around here in my group of friends is camp out in the woods, celebrate and tell stories. I’ve seen some of the pictures of the Paris solstice online. Very excited. 🙂

      By the way I’d love to meet up, maybe at one of those tea houses? My younger sister and I will probably be out and about together if you don’t mind meeting her as well. She’s a writer and book lover too.

      • Of course! I work until late during the week, but maybe we can meet in the weekends. Just drop me an email at (you can also drop me an email if you don’t want to meet up, but happened to get your bag stolen and are now trying to understand why the Paris police are so damn unhelpful and need an almost-resident to go and scorn them into shape. Not that that would happen. ;-))

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