Blood Orange Liqueur and Dekopan (Sumo Mandarin) Liqueur

Nothing fancy besides some pretty pictures.  A friend told me all about the large and delicious Sumos, so into a jar those went.  I swear, if you want to keep your fruit or other things for eating, don’t let me have them near jars and alcohol.

I snuck a taste of both of these, because I can’t help myself sometimes.  Already both are tasting like their source fruit, so I’m glad I did not mix and match.  There are two ingredients in Dekopan: Vodka and Dekopan.  Blood Oranges have a bit of gold rum added to the vodka, but besides that, no sugars, etc.  I don’t believe you have to have a lot of sugar to make something tasty.

So without further ado:

Sumo Mandarin sitting next to anemic strawberry

Looks like orange juice, yummy knock you on your ass orange juice.


There was something so wonderfully lovely about reaming a fruit that made it look like you were gutting a zombie.  My hands were stained purple/red for the next two days.  🙂

Mash of yums

Next…to throw in liquid.


And then…just because it’s pretty

Pretty...and tasty

3 Responses to “Blood Orange Liqueur and Dekopan (Sumo Mandarin) Liqueur”

  1. How long do you leave the fruits in the jar before drinking the delicious, delicious liquor?

  2. carole5154 Says:

    and at the end of the day, all that remained was a tired ,slightly used blood orange…

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