I hath found a nirvana of herbs

Herban Wellness in Kirkland, Wa.  You have everything I want to throw in liquor or macarons.  I have rose hips, blueberry powder, rose petals…had to restrain myself from buying elderberries, dandelion, and violet powder.  So nice…

Many happies.

On another note, rewatched Romancing the Stone.  80’s soundtrack you never fail to tell me when I should be happy, sad, romantic, or excited for intense action!

3 Responses to “I hath found a nirvana of herbs”

  1. If I ever see a car chase without synth trumpets again I’m just going to walk out on the movie. The soundtrack composer will have failed to tell me how awesome that car chase is about to be.

  2. 80’s sex is spelled s-a-x.

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