The Cat…A Truly Awesome Space Cat

He might not be the first Space Cat I ever encountered.

But he is one of the best.


The Cat on Red Dwarf is in my list of Top Five Space Cats.  He’s self-centered, very into sex with the lady kitties (if he could find some), absorbed with food (fish!), but mostly he’s into himself.  His idea of a perfect partner is a copy of him (Camille episode if I’m not mistaken).  He’s thoughtless, has no remorse, and his greatest fears are being ugly or getting dirty.  Besides that, there’s the clothes, the spangles, the gold, the rhinestones.

So Cat definitely gets first mention on my Space Cats list.  Probably an indication that I might have watched too much Red Dwarf as a kid.   But why not, it was great!  Kids mixed with British Humor is a win-win, seriously.

Anyways in case you’re sadly not familiar with him, here are a few lovely quotes.

  • “Let’s put on some jet-powered-rocket pants and Junior Birdman the hell outta here!”
  • “How I’m lookin’? Good! I’m lookin’ nice, My hair is nice; My suit is nice; I’m just nice period.”

    And of course…

  • Fish Fish Fish Fish Fish Fish Fish!

    If you haven’t seen Red Dwarf do yourself a major favor and watch them.

    Quotes are from BBC, and the Red Dwarf Wiki.


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